Roof on Dude

Front Roof
Trailer roof and front roof

My work space/office

     Despite all the pitfalls and negative onset of getting the new roof on the house, I can honestly say that we are finally getting started. The rain has finally cleared our area and the weather is warm, maybe too warm for some but we have now begun to build a roof. Woohoo!

     Since I am not going on the roof until it is safer I have been working on plenty of other things. I am afraid of heights and if anyone will be falling through, It will be me. So that being said I have been busy with gardening and yard work. Safe things like that are more my way of getting things done. I have planted a four square garden a month ago and it has taken off like crazy with all the rain we had. I have filled in a stone walkway between each square and last night I laid out my frame fencing to keep the critters out. I am recycling an old pool frame for the base. I have also recycled an old round bath tub to make a small fish pond in the one end of the garden.
     At the front of the house I have planted a flower/fairy garden. I have been collecting flowers and herbs just for this place. I also dug out all of the debris from around the steps going down to the ravine that has accumulated over the past years. Today I will begin cleaning out the downed branches and wisteria vine and poison ivy that has taken over in the ravine. My daughter has an old pool liner that she is bringing me to line the bottom with to make a big pond for Koi. This project may take some time in between all the other things going on. I have also laid out plans for my pool shed.
My steps to the ravine & strawberry patch

My garden

poison ivy & wisteria I will be clearing out for pond

Where the new pool shed will go

     I have been going from one room to the next cleaning out and getting rid of stuff that will not be used or has not been used for a while, downsizing. My office has just a few new thing in it. I now have a sewing area. That is something I needed. We ran all the electric last week and I have just one wall to cover now. I can say it is always cool in there with the a/c we added. Everything has a place and that includes my rocking chair with my massager. I need that too for those days I have gone beyond my breaking point for the day. Little by little I see progress in motion. It may take more than the summer to get things finished but it is well worth it to get up early and start the day off right and work till I drop. I know one thing, I sleep well most nights, unless I have over extended and I do have a tendency to do that. That is when the arnica comes out.

     We have figured that six of the seven female pigs are pregnant and we shall have piglets come August. We moved all the pigs to a new pen since the rain has all but washed them away in the old one. Hopefully that one will dry out soon. We will have to move them all soon to the new pasture. 

     That is what has been going on here at EarthsBlessing Farm. I will be keeping up with new progress and more pictures soon. We hope you like our blog and share it with others as we continue to survive and sustain in all our great adventures.