58 Sounds like a Great Year

This is my new office desk and set up

     Well, here we are yet one more year has flown by. I can’t say if it has been good nor bad because both have balanced out each other. So much has changed yet so much stayed the same. We have not got much done on the house as we have been dealing with far more important things; family. It gives me great pleasure to know that we have all grown closer in these last days. We have one moving home with her family and that takes priority over other things. Sad though it may be for her and her family it will turn out to be a great blessing not only for her but for us. One has found love and one has found many yards to be mowed. One has her hands full raising her three.

     Not much time left in my vacation away from school. Not looking forward to going back as I truly need to get more done here. Time will tell. Once all the dust settles and things slow down a bit I have plans for my future. In the meantime I have been studying the Bible with someone very excited to learn more and that brings me more joy than anyone can ever imagine. I try to keep up on my preaching and teaching as best as I can to serve the Most High and Mighty God ever; Jehovah. He has watched over all of us here on the hill and I am truly thankful.

     My granddaughters and I have managed to enjoy each other’s company also. We have played games together and swimming most days when it don’t rain and even after the rain, (which we have had more than we thought we would). We have cooked together and baked all kinds of great goodies, some of which I should not even eat, but loved it all the more. Our farm is growing in ways I never thought to be possible. My garden is growing and the blueberries are finally ripening up.  We made a blueberry cheese cake, yum it was delish! We are expecting baby piglets in August and many at that, we even managed to have a few new baby chicks to add to the list and a few more cats.
My girls having fun in the sun.

     So many things have changed, many for the best. We have truly been blessed here on our little hill out in the country. I thank Jehovah for all I have and for keeping a watch over all my kids near and far. Having us all together would be nice but most are too far and money sure don’t grow on trees. I just want them all to be happy and know I love them all over the moon and back. May the next year bring great joy for us all. 58 sounds like a good year to come. We will see!


  1. Sounds like a lot to be thankful for! Prayers for more moments to be thankful for in the next year.


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