Expansions to the Farm

     Summer break flew by way too fast. It has been a crazy time of it too. We have 11 new babies on the farm and 4 more mommas  due any day now. We have a boar for sale or trade for a different bloodline other than (American Guinea hogs) Cersi BPR Bloodline.

     We have been working on 101 projects and one of them have not been the roof. my daughter and husband now reside on the farm and have become members of Earthsblessing Farm, along with their two daughters. We have been helping them settle in. They were married on July 27th and we wish them all great success and love in their new adventures.

     School has brought me to a new position and it is one I truly love. I am privileged  and honored for this  spot. I new work with Severe students now.

     I have been working on ponds and patios over the break and my garden is growing like crazy. We have a new kitten named Taz; he was a wild one from  out at the barn. He has become friends with Claire our indoor cat. They are holy terrors when they get running through the house. We have also added a few new chickens to the roost. We have a lot to be thankful for here on the farm. May we continue to grow and thrive as the years go past.