August Endings

     August was a very busy exciting and sad kind of month. We finally got through all our six momma pigs deliveries. We had 43 piglets but only 17 of them survived. The survivors are all thriving and growing fast. Too many were born at different times and the smaller of the bunch just got pushed back by the bigger ones. We know there will always be losses but this was a hard one to swallow. We also lost a rooster. He was a mean little booger too. Two of us had gotten spurred by him. One morning I found him dead in his pen.

     It has been a stressful ending for me as I find out my mother is not doing well as her eye sight has gone from bad to worse. She is no longer able to care for herself as she once was. It is sad seeing our parents begin to lose their abilities to care for themselves. My father in law is unable to do for himself either. My mother in law is doing well. Growing older brings so many changes and some not for the best.

      We have gotten back to preparing the house for winter, but even this is a slow process with work schedules and all that is going on (Weather included). I have cut down the house plans to help with the cost. It will be done in time for colder weather. Cars and trucks are on the list to be taken care of also. I may have a car to finally drive again and two full size trucks in good running order.

     We are preparing to sell all of our baby pigs and I would like to sell all unregistered females and 3 registered intact males before the year is out so if you know of anyone interested in a pig please let us know. We would love to find a registered male that is not of our female blood line as soon as possible.

     Our goat Jacob has been quite the escape artist. He spends a lot of time foraging the yard. He wiped out the rest of my beans in the garden. He comes to the front door and knocks to come in every day now. I have spread my winter seeds out, I hope we can have a good crop from them. Happy end of the summer and start to fall to you all.