Bringing 2018 to its Close and New Beginnings

  Knowing I have not typed up a post for a while, I feel like I have lost track of time in so many ways. Time seemed to get away from us here on the farm. The weather has played such a great part in that too. Rain seems to have come down and cold weather in the past few months. I am talking torrential down pours too.

      My daughter, her husband, and children have moved away, which was probably for the best as they didn’t find time to help us in the roof project much. Having one working bathroom was too hard to deal with also for 6 people.  That can create negative feelings too. On the up side, I have my living room back, something that had been taken over by my g daughters since we had the hurricane last year. Boy was I happy too, even though I ended up clearing out their stuff by myself and packing it up for them. I found some nice free antique furniture to take their place instead.  The g kids still come for the free internet lol.

      As far as the work on the roof we have put up a roof section over the top of the worst part of the trailer and have a dry dining room and kitchen once again. We have 12x12 feet of walls built on one end of the trailer to begin the next section.  Seems there are great intentions, but rain seems to hit on the days I am off and sunshine on those I am not. I finally through in the towel for this year and said we could start in the spring. (We all know here in Georgia we only have two seasons these days’ winter and summer. Spring is a week or so long and so is fall.)  

      We have had a hard time keeping our hogs in a dry spot and lost a few again to the abundant amount of rain that we have had. We still have several piglets that we would love to sell for feeders. We have slaughtered a few for bbq and sold several. Even then, we had so many at born one time and despite loss we should cull a few more to start out on the right foot for the coming year. Our chickens have done well over the raining months no egg laying, but no loss.

      Speaking of loss, my husband lost his stepdad this month. Both my brothers lost fathers-in-law too. As our parents seem to be coming into that age we should be somewhat expecting this, we really don’t. 80 is a long time to live for many folks, but in my family they seem to hang in there a bit longer. My great grandmother was 102 when she passed. My grandmother lived to 90s. They were from my dad’s side. Not so great for my mother’s side, 60-80.  My mother has gone through a lot this year. She lost her eye and her vision is very poor in the other. She has had countless health issues but continues on. This year has been fair to my husband and myself just your everyday ailments for the most part. We sure are not at all spring chickens anymore though that is for sure. My husband is 60 already and I think I will stay 17 for a few more years tee hee.

      I just want to say that I have been patient for what it has been worth and I know that one day the roof will be finished and the old trailer will be gone. But for now I am ending this year hoping for a better beginning and less rain. Lots of love coming and going as we never seem to have enough love. Saying please forgive me if I wronged you in anyway and find more time to listen, more time to laugh,  more time to share. I am thankful for all I have: new friends, old friends, family spiritual and natural. Thankful this old broken down farm that is mine and is just like me. Life is good. See you all in the coming 2019 year. May great blessings be given to all.