Endings and Beginnings

     Classes have come to their end as of tomorrow. Summer break begins. First things first, I have to find homes for 7 kittens before long, they are all over the place now. We will be commencing to continue on our house remodel. I feel like it is and will be a never ending project. We will just be getting started and the love of my life will be going to have his back surgery. By the time he is healed enough to get back to it, it will be just about time to go back to school.
     We are expecting piglets again this year. This means a lot of work preparing for them will take place too. We have a few that we will be slaughtering this next weekend for our refrigerator and for my son's boss for a summer bbq. These  are the ones that have escaped and we can't catch .
     My garden did not get to be as big as I would have liked to do, only because those pigs that have escaped have been up rooting everything their noses can up root and then some. I have all my trees and house plants fenced in for that very reason. I just hope that the temperatures will not keep me from planting all my herbs and flowers once we do slaughter. I have a whole herbal garden that I wanted to have already growing too.