Little Surprise

        Went down to the barn today to water the plants I just potted up and found some small arrivals in the barn. Lucy, my family pig had giving birth to 9 baby piglets. She must have been in the process of giving birth when I first counted because there were only 7 when I was there the first time. I came back up to the house and watered plants in the front yard garden then came in to let  my hubby know we had newcomers to the barn. When he went down he found 2 more, one must have not made it, possibly rolled on, and the other still in half way in the birth sack.  The runt is a survivor. I am certain that there will be a few more births before this week is out as we have a few more mommas ready to deliver. The heat is going to be a big player in how many make it this time because it is so darn hot. I keep the mud hole filled and the waterer too I just hope that is enough. I am so glad the barn was opened.