More Expansion on the Farm

Rock path

     We brought home a trio of Buff Opingtons and five Guineas yesterday. To add to the chickens. We lost a few chickens early on this year so we figured it wouldn’t hurt to add a few back. The guineas will be the new alarm system for the barn, and maybe even eat a few fire ants.

     I have finally got the yard mowed. I have been dealing with the electric company cutting trees and taking down and putting up poles for the last several days. I found three black rat snake eggs while I was mowing. I put them safely into a bucket to see if they will hatch. I don’t want them near the barn but I don’t mind them on the property as they will eat the rats that may find their way up the hill or the copperheads that we really don’t want to encounter at all.

     I paved my garden paths with flat stones to keep grass from taking over and I cleaned out the pond and filled it so that we can put some gold fish in it this year.

     The grand kids are here for a visit and to share in the excitement of the new baby pigs. They lost theirs last year to a dog pack and I told them they could come pick out a new one to keep and train.
Grace is practicing her guitar and Nan has been drawing. I guess they don’t miss the swimming so far but we are definitely going to have to get moving on the frame exchange so we can swim again soon.

     I surprised that darn pig that has been running the yard since birth yesterday. He was in the other pen when we came home and I closed the gate real quick so he can’t get out anymore! Ha. I saved him for a few more days at least because he was going to be slaughter this week. He can live in that pen for a while.  My baby pigs are doing great they are in and out of the barn all day long. The males will be cut soon and once they are weaned six of them will already be going to a new home.


The electric company left the poles for us they switched out and will be dropping off any of the others they might have just to keep from hauling them back with them. We will be using them for a pole barn.