Up on the Farm

     Summer feels like it is here already. Temperatures are soaring into the upper 80’ and even the upper 90’s. I finally got all my herbs all planted, some in pots and some in the gardens. I have moved some flat rock into the garden paths to keep the grass from taking over this year.
The pool we bought in 2017 has not survived as it was supposed to. The poles have all succumbed to a bad case of rust.  We had a warranty for it so we received new ones and we are going to spray each piece with a good sealing paint. The bad part about it is that we are going to have to tear the whole thing down to change it out.  Ugh!
This is the sign my daughter made us for the farm!
     We had the electric company out this week to cut down trees in the yard that will or could have an ill effect on their lines in case of storms again. They butchered the trees too. I have to clean up their mess in order to mow the yard. I started the same day they came and something happened to the mower so my Hubby has to tear it down and fix it.

     The kittens we have need to find homes as they are taking over the whole house. We have 5 boys; all orange tigers and 3 girls, one grey tiger and 2 black calico. I would love to find forever homes for them all. As far as pigs go we have to burn the grass around all the fence to have the electric moving through them again so they can graze all summer. We may be making a bigger pasture for them in the process.

     We will be starting back on the framing of the house this weekend also. We definitely have our work cut out for us and it is just the two of us. No one ever said that farmers have it easy. There is always something to be done.