Tearing Down the Barn!

     I know that everyone has heard of the three little pigs and how the wolf blew their houses down but now I have a story about the 23 pigs who tore the barn down. We had all but one pig penned up in the right side of the barn yard with a couple of goats and one pig is that pig was earlier terrorizing my yard and gardens ended up in the left side of the barn in that pen. We have 12 new pigs that have been born this year and we are back to having them run the yard because they are small enough to go through the fence. They have also dug their way under the barn walls to go from one pen to the other.
Broken Barn Wall
     Today the hubby calls me on his way down the drive telling me he doesn't see any pigs in the right side pen and would I check it out. Sure I tell him. When I got down there all of the pigs had moved from one side of the barn to the other. They had up rooted a board that was dividing the two sides of the barn and broke the corner off so they can move freely between the two pens. In the meantime one of the bigger baby pigs had once again got its head caught under the gate and was stuck there. (You would think they would learn after doing it yesterday.) I lifted the gate to let him loose and he took off to the other side of the pen. I know our barn is in need of an overhaul because these guys are so destructive. Just another thing needing to be done here on the farm. This is what pigs do tear up and mud up.

My big boy Jamie  now he could tear up some mud!
Left side of barn 
Right side of barn
     Meanwhile, I cleared all the lambs quarters weed out from around the pen and fed it to the pigs until feeding time. That seemed to make them happy. I sure hope they can make it for a little longer so we can get the pasture electric fence  restored from the goats and donkeys so we can put them out there for the fall. We might not have a barn at the rate they are going.

     Next time we will talk about this little pig went to market.