Hey guys,
     As you all may know by my post that I am proud to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have been studying for almost 30 years now and trying to do my part as a minister to send out the “Good News of the Coming New Earth and Heavenly Kingdom of HIS Son Christ Jesus.

     Today I want to let you all know that I would have not been in the place I am today if I had not found the truth all those years ago. I am thankful to be alive and serving such a wonderful God as Jehovah. He has seen me through many hard times and giving me many happy memories of the past. I have been blessed with a wonderful family 3 girls and 2 boys, and soon to have the 7th grandchild arrive. I have a wonderful husband of almost 30 years and a roof over my head and a job, and a small farm, not to mention my health and wonderful friends in the truth. What more can I ask for?

     I pray for my children every day that they too can find true happiness and serve alongside of Thomas and me one of these days. These are the things that make life good; family, one united in the truth and loving one another.  I would love to share my Godly Devotion with all of you in this time as we all see that this wicked system we are living in proves we are living in the last days as stated at Chapter 24 of Matthew. It is not too late to say you too will join the meek one of the earth (Ps 37:11).
Today and always I am thankful for all I have. I hope you also find this happiness in your life.