Autism: Something that has Taken Our Children

Autism: Something that has Taken Our Children
     As many of you know I have been working at the Marcus Autism Center (M.A.C.) in Atlanta. It has opened my eyes to see we have more than just a small amount of children affected by this problem. It doesn’t pick a color or race size or background, it is like a cancer taking so many of our beautiful children away from us. Yet we can have a little bit of hope.

     I have been working with everyone there in my small classroom. These folks are the most loving and happy bunch of people I have ever worked with in a classroom situation. They are training our children to see the positive things in life, as they have enough negative issues in their lives already. Yes, it is a rigorous and sometimes seemingly a bit crazy experience, but when you see these training techniques truly work, you begin to see the most amazing things happen. Change in, traits that someone untrained would never think could ever work.

     Training is not just for children, but also all family members, paraprofessionals and caregivers and teachers. This school is one of the only schools on the USA that specializes in the spectrum. I have met many people, from all over the place and this is not just a week training but they start children out at as early as three years old, and serve them all the way up to the age of 22. They are highly trained and have Doctors and Specialists on their team.  There are many young people sharing their love and skills with each of these children on a daily basis. These folks have degrees that continue on as they train too. If it wasn’t so far I would join them.

     I am so happy to be a part of this training and they make me feel so right at home, so much so that I wish my training days would not end. I feel so wanted and loved. I have learned so much, and to be able to go back and help others as I continue to work at the school in East Jackson I hope gives me a greater joy to help them.
If you have a child that has been taken by autism I would recommend this wonderful school for every parent, school or caregiver. It gives a great piece of mind and hope for all discouraged. Please do some research and see for yourself. There truly is hope.


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